Trevor Martin headshot

This guy seems easy to work with, send him funny videos.

The Comedy Minute is the brainchild of Trevor Martin, average actor, fan of movies and attempter of all things comedy. It’s what is says, comedy from people you haven’t heard of…yet. A platform for people to make and submit really funny content and get it out there. There are a lot of talented people outside of the major markets who need a megaphone to be heard, put your lips up to this and make it funny. Let’s step up the game from the obvious and set some new standards of comedy. There’s a lot of funny stuff out there, whatchu got?

What we’ll broadcast:

– comedy short films under 5 minutes

– high quality stand up comedy, under 5 minutes

– funny commercials, real or fake

Send us any ideas!

I’m 100% OK with you becoming a household name, if you’re in to that kind of stuff.