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Decorative Pillows

The big question between a man and woman is old as time: How many pillows is too many pillows?

A Senior Moment

There comes a time when we must adapt to change, learn something new, expand our horizons. Submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website. www.thecomedyminute.com

Who Farted? The Latest Product from The Comedy Minute

It’s time to stop those crop dusters and their sneaky tricks. Bust those who dealt it with Who Farted?


Carrie and Dena decide to get “the best body ever” with Michael’s help…they just have a different idea of what that means. Subscribe to Nicole’s YouTube channel for more comedy!  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwDtRCvNvR5pdmpd-D6JJKg Submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website, www.thecomedyminute.com The Comedy Minute, comedy from people you haven’t heard from, yet.

The Comedy Minute Presents – Lee Jackson Day!

A street named after Martin Luther King, Jr. cool, but Louis Farrakhan? A humorous look at if streets, schools and counties were named after controversial black leaders as we have counties, schools and streets named after KKK members. Lee Jackson Day is a state holiday in Virginia named after Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and …Read more »

The Comedy Minute Presents: Office Bracket

The American Gaming Association estimates that 40 million Americans will fill out more than 70 million brackets and wager approximately $9 billion on the NCAA Tournament. This film is dedicated to you. The Comedy Minute Presents: Office Bracket. Produced by The Comedy Minute, a comedy website. Comedy from people you haven’t heard of, yet. www.thecomedyminute.com

Honest Workout Video

With the new year well underway, many of you have already given up on those healthy body resolutions! Jocelyn’s Wild Workout is here to keep you motivated and get you fit, no matter what kind of shape you’re in! Submitted by Mark Risk, Infinititty Comedy.

The Comedy Minute Presents: The Sleepover

Typical story of boy meets girl, boy likes girl and girl likes boy. Eventually, girl invites boy to sleep over, and it gets weird. The Sleepover, starring Sabrina Henderson and Trevor Martin, Directed by David Berry. Produced by The Comedy Minute, a comedy website. Comedy from people you haven’t heard from, yet. www.thecomedyminute.com

Christmas Lights – A Short Film by the Vetter Brothers

Keep your hands to yourself!

Vladimir Putin – Russian Christmas

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s advisor suggested that he make a Holiday video to boost his public image. Putin’s advisor told him it was Christmas. Putin’s advisor will never advise again. By Rachel J. Clark.

The Comedy Minute Presents – Ask Dustin #17, Fear the Clown?

Dustin answers the question, Why are people afraid of clowns? in today’s Ask Dustin. Ask Dustin, posted every Tuesday and Thursday from The Comedy Minute, a comedy website. Ask Dustin a question at www.thecomedyminute.com and catch up on some other advice!   Thank yous to David Berry, Brian Boye and of course, Dustin Adair.

The Halloween Party

The men plan a Halloween party like the ones of years past to relive the times when their wives dressed sexy. Happy Halloween from The Comedy Minute, comedy from people you haven’t heard of, yet. #comedy #halloween

Lamar D Solmonset Stand-Up

Lamar D Solmonset Stand-Up, submitted to The Comedy Minute.

The Piragua Primos

A profile on the two cousins behind Brooklyn’s latest craze: organic, Hispanic, snow cones. Más Mejor

What If Burritos Were Like Video Games?

What would it be like if buying a burrito was as difficult as buying video games? Watch to find out. (note, there is adult language). This is paced out so well. Love the speed. Directed and shot by Zac Eubank

It’s Not Delivery (Digiorno Commercial Parody)

All this winning makes me hungry! Starring: Katherine Barcsay Steven Busby Scott Morgan Josh Opper DP: Jamie Yu Audio: Jake McKay Submitted by Steven Busby to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.

Tea with Maude & Ida – Lorde Brings the Vibes

On TeaMI’s pilot episode, Maude and Ida are visited by Lorde in between her visits to “Coachella”, a new term in Silky Springs, Florida. FEATURING Carlie Craig as Lorde Starring Jacki Von Preysing as Maude Christina Rodriguez as Ida Concept by Jacki Von Preysing and Mary Risk Directed by Lexa Payne Director of Photography Will …Read more »

Uptown funk: Shivalik Hostel IIT Delhi 2016 House Day Video

A recent funny short film submitted to The Comedy Minute – House day video performed by bhaktjans of Shivalik House on its house day, brought to you by Shivalik Bum Bhole Samiti. Submitted by Abhishek Verma to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website. Original track: Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars Category People & …Read more »

How to Make it in Hollywood with Sally Starr Michaels

Sally Starr Michaels, famous Hollywood screenwriter of Crab Kittens, Giant Crab Kittens and The Sisterhood of the Travelling Giant Crab Kittens, teaches you how to pitch a movie and make a million dollars. Written by and starring Ellen Waddell @ellenstarbuck Category Comedy

Last Resort

Is Hell better than Disney and Sandals? Milk4Dinner Written and Directed by Sam Kimbrell Satan Dan Jablons Erica Eileen O’Connell Mike Joe Hospodor Camera Julie Park Sound Brett Parmenter Makeup Artist Kimtsy Gomez-Sanchez Set Design Loris Lora Editor Eric Skump Slate Noel Lora Food Debbie Kimbrell Category Comedy License Standard YouTube License

Pile of Poop Reacts to Hillary Clinton UFO Mystery

A steaming Pile of Poop just trying to make it in these mean streets reacts to Hillary Clinton’s UFO Mystery & Alien Probe.  Submitted by Peter Prins, Pile of Poop Reacts, to The Comedy Minute, a Comedy Website. ———- Ever since I was a small turd I’ve wondered if there was intelligent poop on other planets. …Read more »