We have a Winner! Congrats to Van Damme Comedy

The Do the Funny Contest Judge’s spoke over the weekend and awarded the Judge’s Award to Van Damme Comedy and Lisa Vikingstad who submitted in Disney Princess Problems – Disney Parody.  We had a great turnout of shorts under five minutes. The winner is receiving a check for $500 for them, $250 for a qualifying film organization of their choosing along with some lovely promotion on YouTube and finally…A TROPHY. Once mailed, we’ll ask Lisa to make it a personal Flat Stanley and take pictures with the trophy during her travels. Maybe a background in an upcoming short…? No? OK.

Congratulations to everyone at Van Damme Comedy and don’t forget the to laugh at the little people when you make it big!


Our Judges for the Do the Funny Contest

We’re fortunate to have three excellent Judges this year for the contest, who will be making their selections today for the winner of the Do the Funny Video Contest!

Lonita Cook

Lonita Cook is a writer, producer and film critic. She serves on the board of Kansas City Women in Film & Television. After studying acting at American Musical and Dramatic Academy (NYC) and Theatre at UMKC she is writing fiction and will release the first installment of her paranormal romance series, “The Chronicles of Cyn: Awaken the Sleeper” later this year. She lives in Kansas City with her two adorable daughters. Her motto: Stay Art Active!

W. David Keith

W. Dave Keith is a cartoonist, painter, writer and filmmaker. Some of his films include YETI! A TALE OF THE BROTHERS KRONG, CRY OF THE SASQUATCH, THE LAST JAYHAWKER, JACUZZI NIGHTZ and METCALF SOUTH MEMORIES. He was co-founder of the WILD WEST FILM FEST 48 Hour Film Competition and has also produced and directed TV commercials & Music Videos. He has a lifetime achievement award from the University of Kansas SUA Films Department.

Bryce Young

Bryce Young has watched movies his entire life. When kids were talking about being Doctors and Lawyers, Bryce knew exactly what he wanted to do, be a part of making movies. He has been freelancing in world of video production for the past five years and has worked on numerous short films, reality and television series. Most recently, he Created and Produced the Award Winning web series/feature film Withered World which brought together close to 200 actors, crew members and filmmakers in the Kansas City area. He is currently writing his next project and helping others with their projects. Bryce owns Young at Heart Productions.

Comedy Open Mic Night: Tips & What to Avoid

My buddy Jason Nivens and I have spent a number of Monday and Tuesday nights checking out various open mics. Here’s a few of my observations:

People who show new material every month or so appear to be growing as comedians. Some even have new stuff each week. They’re funnier and more comfortable on stage even though they’re trying out new material.

Seeing the same skit for nine straight months makes you a bad person. Live on the edge, come up with something new. Mix in your old if you have to or sit out a few nights.

We get it, you like to smoke weed. So did two of the three people who went up before you.

If you’re going to go on about your ex or significant other, you’d better bring it. Otherwise, we just think of reasons why they probably left you. If that’s the case, use that as the material. Trust me, we can relate and you’re the one we’re looking at.

Men outnumber women 10:1 on stage, however, the percentage that are funny is the same if not higher with women. More women should try stand-up. There are plenty who are successful, go for it!

Do all you can do leave the notes on the table and make a run at it. If you have to check your notes, make it quick and don’t point it out. The story of why you’re checking your notes just destroyed whatever joke you forgot.

There are some very funny people outside of the major markets. It’s awesome to check out some of these comedians who are really starting to take off.

Will share observations around major market open mics after checking out the Comedy Store and Laugh Factory in Hollywood next month.

Keep at it and support local comedy!


Welcome to the Comedy Minute!

 Welcome to The Comedy Minute! Send over any ideas as we build this out. Coming soon, stand up comedy features, an interview with Tom Cotter – finalist from America’s Got Talent and in December we’ll launch our first Webisode.