Comedy Open Mic Night: Tips & What to Avoid

My buddy Jason Nivens and I have spent a number of Monday and Tuesday nights checking out various open mics. Here’s a few of my observations:

People who show new material every month or so appear to be growing as comedians. Some even have new stuff each week. They’re funnier and more comfortable on stage even though they’re trying out new material.

Seeing the same skit for nine straight months makes you a bad person. Live on the edge, come up with something new. Mix in your old if you have to or sit out a few nights.

We get it, you like to smoke weed. So did two of the three people who went up before you.

If you’re going to go on about your ex or significant other, you’d better bring it. Otherwise, we just think of reasons why they probably left you. If that’s the case, use that as the material. Trust me, we can relate and you’re the one we’re looking at.

Men outnumber women 10:1 on stage, however, the percentage that are funny is the same if not higher with women. More women should try stand-up. There are plenty who are successful, go for it!

Do all you can do leave the notes on the table and make a run at it. If you have to check your notes, make it quick and don’t point it out. The story of why you’re checking your notes just destroyed whatever joke you forgot.

There are some very funny people outside of the major markets. It’s awesome to check out some of these comedians who are really starting to take off.

Will share observations around major market open mics after checking out the Comedy Store and Laugh Factory in Hollywood next month.

Keep at it and support local comedy!