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NBNCUCC – Isn’t it time you got that degree?

North By Northwestern Community Univer-City College.

Tony Robbins Def Comedy Jam

Tony Robbins is uncut, uncensored, and all out RAW!

Congrats on your baby

Congrats on your baby! Better parenting through research. For newly/ seasoned parents, aunts, uncles, grownups who need a little help to soothe a crying baby! Ha. #youmatter


“Plenty of guys will tell you that they know how to get that #hollywood bod and those #thickhollywoodfingers, but they’re wrong and I’m right, so listen to me.”

Tune Out

The app that has unwanted conversations for you!

Hip Hop Christmas

Santa suit all red Fur is all white Got this hat up on my head I’m just cruisin in my sleigh, yall!

Worship World – Religion and Adventure Park Collide

Visit Worship World, an escape from the earthly world. Here you’ll find fun rides like Father McFeely’s fun ride and the Whirling Dervish tilt-a-whirl. Fun for the whole family! Submitted by Nancy Fingerhood

Grandmas Lighter

We all hate lighter thieves! Grandma’s got a solution for putting an end to the epidemic Submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.

Happy Summer Face

Are you suffering from Resting Frozen Face? Not anymore. Introducing Happy Summer Face.

uDump | Weigh your dumps and share with friends!

The worlds first ever Bluetooth toilet seat attachment with a built in scale!

Bonerflage Infomercial – Men’s Underwear

This video is about the Bonerflage, the new undergarment for men. From the makers of the Fubra. Sport your bonerflage, not your boner. Submitted by Nancy Fingerhood. Mile High Nancy

You are going to dye.

This funny funeral ad plays on the word dye/die. Submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.


THUMB UNIVERSITY Where you learn skills that are applicable in almost every aspect of life. I wish I would’ve attended Thumb University but I chose otherwise and now I’m paying the price for it, with their affordable pricing and great professors, how could you go wrong.


Brent Podosek and Luke Ostermiller present Pho-King, a comedy sketch! Submitted by Luke Ostermiller

The Gift Of Money

Who knew buying presents could be so easy?? Submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website,

Man Wash: What If Shampoo Had Testosterone In It?

MAN WASH is the only shampoo guaranteed to turn you into a real manly man. It’s the 100-in-1 man-cleaning product made with real testosterone. Real men don’t use wimpy shampoo. Real men use Man Wash. No girls allowed. – Submitted by Lucien Flores Loose Seal Productions Contains adult language.

Grandmas Lighter 2

Grandma’s Back, and this time its personal Submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.

WOLVERINE Trilogy: R-Rated Edition DVD

We all know the #Wolverine movies weren’t the best, but now they’re PERFECT! You loved R-Rated #Logan so much that Marvel and 20th Century Fox have digitally edited the Wolverine films to add all the blood, sex, swearing and drugs we’ve been missing out on all these years!


It’s not about this commercial. By Sober Comedy, submitted by Paul McGovern Photography by Bob Burton


TJ has the best quality furniture for rent. Video by Troy Lukkarila. See more of Troy’s work at  Submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy web site.  Thanks Comedy Minute!

It’s Not Delivery (Digiorno Commercial Parody)

All this winning makes me hungry! Starring: Katherine Barcsay Steven Busby Scott Morgan Josh Opper DP: Jamie Yu Audio: Jake McKay Submitted by Steven Busby to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.