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Tune Out

The app that has unwanted conversations for you!

NBNCUCC – Isn’t it time you got that degree?

North By Northwestern Community Univer-City College.

Who Farted? The Latest Product from The Comedy Minute

It’s time to stop those crop dusters and their sneaky tricks. Bust those who dealt it with Who Farted?

The New Fragrance from Ralph Lauren

The new fragrance from Ralph Lauren – submitted by Tim Marks and Bobby Miller Jr., KC Improv Company Thanks for voting!

Easy National Bank

Topher Harless, submitted by Mike Roe

Man Wash: What If Shampoo Had Testosterone In It?

MAN WASH is the only shampoo guaranteed to turn you into a real manly man. It’s the 100-in-1 man-cleaning product made with real testosterone. Real men don’t use wimpy shampoo. Real men use Man Wash. No girls allowed. – Submitted by Lucien Flores Loose Seal Productions Contains adult language.

Any American University

Any American University, by iO Comedy Network, a funny college ad submitted to The Comedy Minute

Stations of the CrossFit

We hope Pope Francis is okay after his recent tumble in Poland! Perhaps all he needed was this heavenly workout to help navigate those devilishly tricky stairs.


It’s not about this commercial. By Sober Comedy, submitted by Paul McGovern Photography by Bob Burton

It’s Not Delivery (Digiorno Commercial Parody)

All this winning makes me hungry! Starring: Katherine Barcsay Steven Busby Scott Morgan Josh Opper DP: Jamie Yu Audio: Jake McKay Submitted by Steven Busby to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.

Safe Sex Commercial (DirecTV Parody)

Intelligent Derrick J uses condoms while Stupid A$$ Derrick J doesn’t. Who has the better life? You decide.

Bonerflage Infomercial – Men’s Underwear

This video is about the Bonerflage, the new undergarment for men. From the makers of the Fubra. Sport your bonerflage, not your boner. Submitted by Nancy Fingerhood. Mile High Nancy

Injury Lawyer Richard Butts | TV Commercial (spoof)

Submitted by Brady LaRock Have you been hurt at all, ever!? Turn to Richard Butts! He’s an attorney and stuff. Thanks for watching! Hit the like button and subscribe:…

Short Term Sue

Short Term Sue: Your short term dating approach to long term happy endings! Submitted by: Sue Chan

Muff Mints

For a taste of tang, try Muff Mints


Brent Podosek and Luke Ostermiller present Pho-King, a comedy sketch! Submitted by Luke Ostermiller

The Field of Streams at Coca-Cola Park

In this episode of Golden Thrones, we go to Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, and check out the urinal games in the men’s restroom.

WOLVERINE Trilogy: R-Rated Edition DVD

We all know the #Wolverine movies weren’t the best, but now they’re PERFECT! You loved R-Rated #Logan so much that Marvel and 20th Century Fox have digitally edited the Wolverine films to add all the blood, sex, swearing and drugs we’ve been missing out on all these years!

Unofficial Geico Commercial

Two guys are out on a job when their love of chicken prevents them from performing that job.

Worship World – Religion and Adventure Park Collide

Visit Worship World, an escape from the earthly world. Here you’ll find fun rides like Father McFeely’s fun ride and the Whirling Dervish tilt-a-whirl. Fun for the whole family! Submitted by Nancy Fingerhood

The Dog Adoption Specialist

A fun little comedy short made to help promote dog adoption! Submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website