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Commercials for real products and organizations…unless they’re fake.

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Easy National Bank

Topher Harless, submitted by Mike Roe


It’s not about this commercial. By Sober Comedy, submitted by Paul McGovern Photography by Bob Burton

Injury Lawyer Richard Butts | TV Commercial (spoof)

Submitted by Brady LaRock Have you been hurt at all, ever!? Turn to Richard Butts! He’s an attorney and stuff. Thanks for watching! Hit the like button and subscribe:…

Short Term Sue

Short Term Sue: Your short term dating approach to long term happy endings! Submitted by: Sue Chan

NBNCUCC – Isn’t it time you got that degree?

North By Northwestern Community Univer-City College.

The New Fragrance from Ralph Lauren

The new fragrance from Ralph Lauren – submitted by Tim Marks and Bobby Miller Jr., KC Improv Company Thanks for voting!


Brent Podosek and Luke Ostermiller present Pho-King, a comedy sketch! Submitted by Luke Ostermiller