Funny Shorts

These are the comedy shorts that have managed to stay around, because they’re funny. Comment often and let us know what you think.

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How To Vlog

Congratulations, now you’re a YouTube vlogger! But remember, so is everyone else, so be sure to comment on other people’s mundane shit that you don’t care about in the hope that you’ll be noticed by other people who will then comment your mundane shit that they don’t care about.

The Least Interesting Girl in the World

What do you get when you combine basic white girls with a popular beer commercial? Written by Natalya Rahmann. Directed and Edited by Ian Zandi. Featuring Natalya Rahmann, Marlee Forsyth, Sydney Erin, Ian Zandi, and the voice talents of Cori Munro. Submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.

Breaking Justice

Four Super Heroes take a break from saving lives, to focus on more personal trials of their everyday lives. Submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.

Finally 18 – The Road to Maturity

A poignant fable for anyone with children coming of age. The importance of parents keeping their promises and leading by example. Have you made this promise? Submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.

A Senior Moment

There comes a time when we must adapt to change, learn something new, expand our horizons. Submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.

Pranking Wife with Nerf Gun

Poor wife is hit many many times by the nerf gun!

Little Hand Perfect Wave

Just a perfectly timed wave! I dare you not to laugh!

Height Of The Dryer

“Just a man with some clothing to dry…”

How to get rid of a HEADACHE in 60s!

When your friend is giving you a headache and you’re out of pain meds…!? Self-massage techniques, pencil method, peppermint oil, acupressure points, meditation, hypnotic music… you’ve tried it all! But have you tried that…?   😀

What if IT scared kids with the truth about ADULT LIFE? Part I (Stephen King’s “IT” parody)

What if IT scared kids with the truth about ADULT LIFE? Part I (Stephen King’s “IT” parody)

Julia Hosts The Dog Park

Just another ordinary day at the dog park…or is it?

BTS of a Photoshoot: How to Get The Perfect Shot

Ever wonder what its like behind the scenes of a photoshoot? A couple of friends and I did a take of what we thought went on behind a photoshoot while helping out a photographer friend.

Trump Fatigue Syndrome

Trump fatigue syndrome is a clever and funny look at how president Trump has affected our Mental Health.

Expedia Travel Commerical Parody

Sometimes we want to get away,  and sometimes we want to have an affair. Don’t be like this chick and miss your chance of meeting that special someone.

Paul Wellness – “Free” Webinar (Part 1)

Paul Wellness is here to teach you how to become wealthy! Listen up!

Small Talk

Person 1: Hello! Person 2: Hi! Person 1: Hola! Person 2: I love your jacket! Person 1: I just bought this jacket. Person 2: Such. A cute. Jacket. Person 1: Thanks… Person 3: …. Person 1: Are you going to keep your jacket on? Person 2: I don’t know! Person 1: It’s kind of hot…but it’s kind of cold too Person 2: What are we going to do?! Person 3: ….

Ask a Filipino

Mark the Filipino takes part in Racial Awareness Night in Topeka Kansas.

Preworkout Pancakes Bro

This new preworkout supplement is changing the workout game. See how bro;s across the planet are getting HUGE

Christmas Lights – A Short Film by the Vetter Brothers

Keep your hands to yourself!

A Dietary Restrictions Thanksgiving

You wanna know what it’s like on Thanksgiving in Los Angeles? Check out a Dietary Restrictions Thanksgiving.

Tea with Maude & Ida – Culture Kid

The second episode in the series Tea with Maude and Ida – the vlog show where two old biddies in Sarasota interview people they know about things they don’t.