Funny Shorts

These are the comedy shorts that have managed to stay around, because they’re funny. Comment often and let us know what you think.

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One of those awkward parent teacher conferences.

Trail Hazard

Short film made by Jerry Koukol and Emily Herold, Go Ghost Productions Thanks for voting!

TEA – A Short Film

Submitted by Kimberly Igla Thanks for voting!


Congratulations! You my friends won the Judge’s Award for the Do the Funny Video Contest! $500 for you and $250 for a qualifying 501c Film Organization of your choice! Disney parody. Snow White learns the downside of being “the fairest of them all” and Cinderella deals with her dangerous fashion choices. Disney princesses, real life …Read more »

Distant Cousin of Ballet Dancer Sergei Polunin Dances to Hozier’s “Take Me To Church”

Distant Cousin of Ballet Dancer Sergei Polunin Dances to Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” Music – “Take Me To Church” by Hozier Distant Cousin – Tim Lacatena Directed by Tim Lacatena Concept by Brianna LeRose Story – Tim Lacatena, Jason Gates, John Kulback, Ira Hardy, Jazzy Byner Producer – Tim Lacatena DPs – Jason Gates, …Read more »

Christmas Lights – A Short Film by the Vetter Brothers

Keep your hands to yourself!

A Senior Moment

There comes a time when we must adapt to change, learn something new, expand our horizons. Submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.

What If Burritos Were Like Video Games?

What would it be like if buying a burrito was as difficult as buying video games? Watch to find out. (note, there is adult language). This is paced out so well. Love the speed. Directed and shot by Zac Eubank

This Is It – Award Winning Comedy about Roommates

Two college kids. First apartment. It gets real. Fast.

Literal Movie Trailer

An announcer literally describes a movie preview. Submitted by Raef Lawson, Dirty Sandwich Thanks for voting!

At a Yard Sale

Check this out from 2010. Part of a one day film competition. This was shot and edited in 10 hours and screened the same day.

The Playdate

The neighborhood ladies discuss the problems with boys. By Meagan Flynn-Mesmer

Ready to Pop

Don’t men always want sex?

A Dietary Restrictions Thanksgiving

You wanna know what it’s like on Thanksgiving in Los Angeles? Check out a Dietary Restrictions Thanksgiving.

Classic Rock Fortune Teller

A husband’s reluctant attitude quickly changes when a fortune teller predicts great things for him and nothing but increasingly ridiculous, bad things for his wife… Submitted by Raef Lawson, Dirty Sandwich Thanks for voting!  

Hold the Door – The Day After GoT

A new sketch from Infinititty inspired by those GoT feels.

The Bear Cooch Project

Featuring three of the founders of Infinititty Comedy, this three-shot film premiered as part of the May Flam Fest. Flam Fest is a bimonthly filmmaking challenge to tell a story in only three shots. It’s a place for experimentation and creativity with an encouraging community of fellow filmmakers, storytellers, and artists.

Small Talk

Person 1: Hello! Person 2: Hi! Person 1: Hola! Person 2: I love your jacket! Person 1: I just bought this jacket. Person 2: Such. A cute. Jacket. Person 1: Thanks… Person 3: …. Person 1: Are you going to keep your jacket on? Person 2: I don’t know! Person 1: It’s kind of hot…but it’s kind of cold too Person 2: What are we going to do?! Person 3: ….

Tea with Maude & Ida – Culture Kid

The second episode in the series Tea with Maude and Ida – the vlog show where two old biddies in Sarasota interview people they know about things they don’t.

Uber the Top

An insane sequel to Stallone’s 80s armwrestling disaster, Over the Top

Solo Face

When shredding goes awry.