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That was really sweet of you to visit this page. Check out these funny shorts, comment, share, and most importantly vote for your favorite one! How do you do that? Just click the thumbs up icon to left underneath the video. It’s really that easy – and if it’s not your friend’s video but the one you actually liked the best, that’s OK by us!

Now, you only get one vote per IP address. What’s that mean? If you have multiple devices sharing a wireless network, you would want to take one device off of the wifi and use your mobile provider network. We give this tip for residences with multiple people wanting to vote – not for you to try to run up votes, got it? If you click the green thumb and it turns gray but the vote count doesn’t go up, that means a vote has already been logged from that IP address. Super confused? Watch the video? Still confused? Contact us with any questions.

You have until 9pm Eastern Time on June 20th to vote.

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Bronx Westchester pilot episode 1

The life of a working man with dreams of trying to make it big. Follow me on my journey to fame.


Congratulations! You my friends won the Judge’s Award for the Do the Funny Video Contest! $500 for you and $250 for a qualifying 501c Film Organization of your choice! Disney parody. Snow White learns the downside of being “the fairest of them all” and Cinderella deals with her dangerous fashion choices. Disney princesses, real life …Read more »

TEA – A Short Film

Submitted by Kimberly Igla Thanks for voting!

Trail Hazard

Short film made by Jerry Koukol and Emily Herold, Go Ghost Productions Thanks for voting!

Classic Rock Fortune Teller

A husband’s reluctant attitude quickly changes when a fortune teller predicts great things for him and nothing but increasingly ridiculous, bad things for his wife… Submitted by Raef Lawson, Dirty Sandwich Thanks for voting!