Recent Funny Submissions

Here are some recent submissions to The Comedy Minute from people who heard about us. Check these out and comment – let us know what you think! If you like their work, support their channels and networks.

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Let Us Entertain You

Rap comedy music video by Wrong Hole Web Series

Russian Hancock

Humor Episode

Madman Dancing


FeeWee Helms – Name of The Album

FeeWee Helms is a 23 year old Pop Singer. She is the lead singer of the Band “The Helms”. Here is a short clip of her talking about the name of her Album.

ULTIMATE Unboxing Video, Unboxing Parody

This is the best unboxing video in existence.

Radical Randy

Radical Randy is an all american badass stunt man. His new move blew minds.

Buddy the Elf in Real Life

I spread some Christmas cheer by dressing up as Buddy the Elf and parading around a crowded mall. Watch and see what happens!

A Gossip Girl Christmas

Hey Upper East Siders…it’s Christmas in New York, and Serena has NO idea what to get Lonely Boy for Christmas. Will she rise to the occasion? Or will she be thrown out in the cold? Only time will tell…you know you love me… xoxo, gossip girl Blair/ Little J: @bitchesbeglutenfree Rufus: @tfo1193 Vanessa: @insideu911 For …Read more »

Majestic Animals

Very short parodies of nature documentaries updated most weekdays.

Get Up and Go

Heckler Films presents a short film about a wife who’s had enough. This live action homage to looney-tunes was shot and cut by Sean George and stars Emily Churchill.

The First Female Robber

A woman is robbing the bank!

An Incredibly Short Sketch

Sometimes people mishear things, you can’t blame them for that. A Comedy Sketch Written by Cameron Steinfeld Starring Mariah Oxley and Caroline Doyle Directed and Edited by Cameron Steinfeld

Thanksgiving POV | Benito Skinner

Is there anything as heartwarming and horrifying as Thanksgiving dinner? F**K NO! Decided to make a POV sketch that could potentially help you prepare for the series of questions and weirdly TMI statements your family attacks you with. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Chip Ellis – Marketing Guru

This a sketch I made. Hope you like it! Thanks, Harris Alterman

Eat Your Problems – Episode 1: Break Up Pie

Finally, a cooking show that combines food and emotional breakdowns into one somewhat edible dish.   Written by: Launa Eddy Starring: Launa Eddy FIlmed by: Josh Bennett Edited by: Launa Eddy + Daniel Olshansky Music by: Daniel Olshansky Graphics and Color by: Ken Pond

Crayons (Stranger Things 2 Parody)

Ever wonder what Stranger Things 2 would be like if the adults actually reacted like real adults?

I Don’t like Christmas

Dave Chrisp Comedy’s hilarious alternative to a traditional Christmas song. Contains strong language and material which may offend! Like there’s a lot of cussing.

Fake marketing campaign by a spoof cigarette company.

Roan&Hesh continue the Spoof Marketing Campaign for Gold Carlson Cigarettes.

Sandal Nation- Horror Trailer

What could be scarier than a spreading unattractive fashion trend?

Famous Movie Lines animated with a creative twist!

From Chef Arnie losing his cool in the kitchen to Mr Miyagi working at a beauty salon, watch these classic movie quotes re-imagined.

Who Dunnit?

A Murder Mystery party turns into something much more sinister.