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Here are some recent submissions to The Comedy Minute from people who heard about us. Check these out and comment – let us know what you think! If you like their work, support their channels and networks.

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How to be an Influencer

I know EXACTLY why you are here! You too have the dream of being a brand ambassador for Sugar Bear Hair! I GET IT! And I’m here to help! Watch/comment/like/subscribe and learn HOW TO BE AN INFLUENCER! Follow the steps and you’ll be giving your followers a discount code in no time!

This is NO fairytale ending!

A mother tells her child a bizarre and quite scary bedtime story which certainly has NO fairytale ending.

ASMR – A Short Sketch

An ASMR enthusiast seems to be getting oddly personal about the objects she’s using in today’s video. A Comedy Sketch Written by Caroline Doyle and Cameron Steinfeld Starring Caroline Doyle and Rose Paxton Directed and Edited by Cameron Steinfeld

French Detectives

“I’m always alone and too scared to masturbate.”

Chemtrail Distraction

The host of a conspiracy show is trying to explain what a chemtrail is, but then he is suddenly interrupted by a strange annoyance.

Sportball Dads

These 2 Dads cheer their kids on with lots of heart. Hopefully it makes up for what’s not in their heads. Starring Dan Braswell, Chey Dion Hayes & Michael J. Sielaff Watch the original “Sportball” here- Camera- Darryl DeLaney Production Assistant & Background- John Corrigan Created, Produced & Edited- Dan Braswell Special Thanks to Lynn …Read more »

The Three-Eyed Roommate

Game of thrones themed sketch about one man’s roommate thinking he is Bran Stark aka The Three-Eyed Raven

Emo Thrash to Hipster Trash!

An infomercial for a product that is sweeping the nation! Changing Emos to hispters as if magic!

Bachelorette Boot Camp

How does one prepare to be on ABC’s “The Bachelorette”? Using my football background and proven coaching system, I guarantee that you will be fully prepared to win this hit reality show.

If You Went To A Dodgy High School

Only people who went to a dodgy high school will know…

The Wedding Proposal

That escalated… Wedding Proposal goes wrong! Contains adult language, and funny lines. 

Booty Repo

Sketch comedy about girls that default on their butt enhancement payments and they end up getting their “assets” repossessed by “Booty Repo”

Dog Lover

“Can I f**k your dog?”

Get The Pitcher?

When someone with a great vocabulary pronounces the word picture, “pitcher.” Directed by Timmy Hart Barron & Ryan Staples Written by Ryan Staples Manager improvised by Warren Phynix Johnson Starring: Timmy Hart Barron: @timmyhartbarron (Insta, Snap, Fbook) Warren Phynix Johnson: @phynixtown (Insta) B.A.D. Waves Dexter Payne: @dexter_payne (Insta) Lydia House: @lydia_inthehouse (Insta) Peter Masterton: …Read more »

Funny Lifting

Funny Gym Sequence


Fun video – What would it be like to go inside a celebrity’s brain?

Actors, Not Real People

There’s a reason why commercials use real people, not actors.

Snuffalafaghost- Hip Hop’s First Stylist

I just dropped a short (5min) film I made online today. Originally made for Sketch Block in NYC it went on to win at The Hip Hop Film Festival and play twice in France. Hope you dig it. Thanks! You have seen who made the music in The Defiant Ones. Now see who made the fashion that defined Hip Hop.

1-800-BIG TONY

Big tony will sell you anything to keep custody of his step children…from the Harrison Ford extension chord, or the DMX BMX bike. He’s got you covered

Shitassmotherfuckingcocksuckingfuck – a music video by My House is Fucked (a.k.a. the band with the middle finger for a name)

Shitassmotherfuckingcocksuckingfuck by My House is Fucked Well, actually, the name of the band is the symbol at the beginning of the video. Yeah, Prince did that (RIP), so I figured I would make a symbol since it represents the angry and absurdist side of me. And that is what this video is about – anger …Read more »

Reverend Everdeen