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Here are some recent submissions to The Comedy Minute from people who heard about us. Check these out and comment – let us know what you think! If you like their work, support their channels and networks.

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Uptown funk: Shivalik Hostel IIT Delhi 2016 House Day Video

A recent funny short film submitted to The Comedy Minute – House day video performed by bhaktjans of Shivalik House on its house day, brought to you by Shivalik Bum Bhole Samiti. Submitted by Abhishek Verma to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website. Original track: Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars Category People & …Read more »

Buddy the Elf in Real Life

I spread some Christmas cheer by dressing up as Buddy the Elf and parading around a crowded mall. Watch and see what happens!

Getting Ready for Comic-Con! – Featuring Ali Spagnola

Getting ready for Comic-Con is as easy as harassing a friend and dressing slutty. Thanks to Ali Spagnola, check out her channel here: – submitted by Lauren Francesca 

Amish Stripper Fired in Colorado

Fighting for her religious freedom, an Amish stripper strives to keep her clothing on while exotic dancing. Submitted by Nancy Fingerhood, Mile High Nancy to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website. Submit your funny videos to The Comedy Minute, Comedy from people you haven’t heard of, yet.

Space Girl 360 – Marooned! a 360 VR video experience (see instructions below)

Lauren Francesca is Space Girl on a mission to get back home in this comedy. Well, it’s a comedy if you pay attention. Recommended for desktops/laptops to get the full experience.

Jimmy von Thron Bachelorette Audition Video

My Bachelorette Audition Video, a knock off of the Elle Woods Harvard Video Essay from the movie “Legally Blonde.” Hope you laugh with me or at me.

Star Struck

A tender guy and a lonely meteor help each other find a place in the world. An absurdist comedy short film skit about love and the power of wishes. Written and Directed by Jeff Jenkins Starring DeMorge Brown, Cody Kopp & Alexis Simpson Cinematography by Jason Banker Star Struck, a Funny Short submitted to The …Read more »

Top Ten Worst People You’ll Meet at a Party

Our list video, Top ten worst people you’ll meet at a party. Shot at the Youtube space LA CBGB set. This sketch features different types, from drunk girls to annoying party bros. Submitted by Lauren Francesca

Vacuum Salesmen

There’s only one thing you need to remember when you’re selling vacuums door to door. Submitted by Mike Eltringham, The Adam & Mike Show Contains adult language and an excellent performance by a man who is a blend of Rob Riggle and Bob Belcher.

Drake – Hotline Bling PARODY (SFA State University Special)

Enjoy this parody of Hotline Bling by Drake. This parody was recorded at Stephen F. Austin State University. #AxeEmComedy LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE! Special Thanks to Marvin- @MarvPharaoh , Aisha Avery , Denzel- @Denzel_Seale , Jessica- @Jess_waitandsee , and Alexis- @ThtGirlMariee Submitted by Denzel Seale

Britt McHenry yelling at zoo animals (parody)

ESPN reporter Britt McHenry CAUGHT ON VIDEO AGAIN ranting at cute zoo animals during her one week suspension. Submitted by @nightpantz

Link, Actually

Are you tired of waiting for Zelda? Well, Link was too. Check him out in this Love, Actually parody – Link, Actually.

Honest Workout Video

With the new year well underway, many of you have already given up on those healthy body resolutions! Jocelyn’s Wild Workout is here to keep you motivated and get you fit, no matter what kind of shape you’re in! Submitted by Mark Risk, Infinititty Comedy.

Vine of Darkness

A lot of people say life can’t be summed up in 6 seconds… If you’ve ever made a Vine, you will appreciate this short. Submitted by Nick Skardarasy – Lemonade Stand Comedy

Ted Cruz Vlogs From Iowa

This is Ted Cruz vlogging from his hotel room in Iowa. He’s been there for a while, sounds like he’s getting stir crazy. Plus, he really wants to be President. Submitted by Brady LaRock.

Lauren and Drew – Guacamole

Music video by Lauren and Drew “Guacamole” You have to watch it 5-25 times and then the song starts to get into your head…

What if Humans… HAD AUTO-CORRECT?

What if HUMANS… HAD AUTO-CORRECT like our cell-phones? What shocking and obscene words would come out of YOUR mouth? Or your MOM’s mouth?!? Watch and find out. #HumanAutoCorrect. Submitted by Evan Silver, Reform School Days

APPLE VS FBI: What USA Gov DOESN’T Want You to Know

Cody explains what Edward Snowden will not – the truth between USA Government and Apple. Your iPhones are NOT safe! It’s no surprise that Donald J. Trump wants to boycott them! Submitted by Wesley Beach, The iO Comedy Network to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.

Balls deep in your mailbox

This is the first in our web series. We will be posting weekly. Follow @notreallyltd on Twitter for updates


Dan learns something about himself. From Sober Comedy. Submitted by Paul McGovern.

Vegan Girlfriend

This is actually a music video and is the second single off of Fun Cam’s debut album, Basement Rock. It’s about a meat eater falling in love with a Vegan, but she tries to convert him to a no dairy and no meat diet while he’s hiding his dirty meat eating habit from her. Needless to say this ends with hilarious and disastrous results! This video received more than 80,000 views in the less than a week once it was uploaded! Definitely worth the watch and post!