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Johnny Habu eating Popsicles

Watch as I break my personal best for most popsicles eaten on stage!

Merging Traffic

Charming, Well Spoken and StoryTelling Savant, D’mitri Colbert takes Charlotte’s biggest comedy club by storm with endless amounts of Funny, from a hilarious traffic story to spot on bernie mac impressions. Submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.

Beanz the comedian

Live from the no Chill Comedy Show in Chicago 4-18-2018 Comedian Beanz hits the stage

Jesus and Keisha

“I thought Jesus was the only perfect person!’

Why People Hate Math

Stand up comedy about why people hate math, by math major turned comedian Sammy Obeid, who’s been on Conan, Last Comic Standing, and America’s Got Talent. Submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.

James O. Sanchez Stand Up – Being an Adult and Planet Earth

A short clip from James O. Sanchez’s set at the 33rd annual Funniest Person in Austin competition. Submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website,

My first open mic!!

This video is from my first EVER open mic on Thursday 3/24/18. I have always wanted to try comedy, but never had the balls to get on stage.  If I could change anything, I would’ve relaxed on the F bombs, and had more fun with it. I barely remember it at all!

April’s Naked Stand-Up Comedy

April performs stand-up naked

Derek Grifka Stand Up 2/8/2018

Derek Grifka Stand Up 2/8/2018

Derek Grifka’s Christmas Stand Up

This video was taken on 12/14/2017, and includes Derek Grifka’s stand up comedy performance that day.

The Montana Live Show

Back in my days I had the cadillac a nugget rings.

When The Baby Comes!

Ikea and babies R us will be your weekend you won’t be thinking about relations or even cheating When the baby comes When the baby comes You didn’t consider, that your fat ass friends, Marlene, Rushumba and Chandelier could run until you asked for a babysitter

April Brucker and Donald J. Tramp At Funnies

April Brucker and President Donald J. Tramp perform at Funnies in Las Vegas

Jason B. @ Punch Line Comedy Club

Watch me make big laughs! – turn up the volume a bit, does contain language and is very funny! Jason B. @ Punch Line Comedy Club, submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.  Comedy from people you haven’t heard of, yet.

stand up comedy by sunny

must watch and share stand up comedy by sunny, submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.

Self Breast Exam

What is an appropriate time for a self breast exam?

Kevin Cahak

Kevin Cahak doing stand-up comedy…I think watching the video would have covered that.

Comedian Sally Edwards

Sally Edwards – Zanies

What Hillary is Hiding is More Serious Than You Think

Political commentary on the 90’s

How To Vote in 2016 – Sammy Obeid

Political comedy with zodiac signs.

Lamar D Solmonset Stand-Up

Lamar D Solmonset Stand-Up, submitted to The Comedy Minute.