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April Brucker and Donald J. Tramp At Funnies

April Brucker and President Donald J. Tramp perform at Funnies in Las Vegas

Jason B. @ Punch Line Comedy Club

Watch me make big laughs! – turn up the volume a bit, does contain language and is very funny! Jason B. @ Punch Line Comedy Club, submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.  Comedy from people you haven’t heard of, yet.

stand up comedy by sunny

must watch and share stand up comedy by sunny, submitted to The Comedy Minute, a comedy website.

Self Breast Exam

What is an appropriate time for a self breast exam?

Kevin Cahak

Kevin Cahak doing stand-up comedy…I think watching the video would have covered that.

Comedian Sally Edwards

Sally Edwards – Zanies

What Hillary is Hiding is More Serious Than You Think

Political commentary on the 90’s

How To Vote in 2016 – Sammy Obeid

Political comedy with zodiac signs.

Lamar D Solmonset Stand-Up

Lamar D Solmonset Stand-Up, submitted to The Comedy Minute.

Amir Kabiri Standup

Middle eastern comedian talks about growing up in the South.

A Moose Lodge Comedy Show

I used to be a crossing guard until police charged me with human trafficking. It was because I was a cross dressing crossing guard, they didn’t know what else to charge me with. They just wanted me to stop doing it.

Stand up Comedy Broadway Comedy Club

E.L. Smith stand-up comedy.

Zombies & Hipsters “Reckless Operation” Chad Zumock

A sneak preview from Chad Zumock’s new CD “Reckless Operation” Submitted by Chad Zumock. AdventuresInArgyle

Nancy Fingerhood – Dating

Submitted by Nancy Fingerhood, Mile High Nancy

Nancy Fingerhood Stand Up

Nancy Fingerhood is a stand-up comic as well as a writer and a comedic actor. Check her out on – The Comedy Minute, a Comedy Website. Comedy from people you haven’t heard of, yet.

Comedian vs. Evil Laugh – Sal Calanni

Comedian Sal Calanni deals with an audience member’s evil laugh

Michael Ribbens Stand up (short version)

Calvin Comedy Showcase – It zooms in near the one minute mark and is better heard.